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Give your Home's Entry a Punch!

For much of Phoenix, home-entry design has focused on the automobile; the garage is now a homeowner's primary entryway. Only guests and UPS enter through the front door!     
Your front-yard garden/entry is a the first and last thing your guests and realtor see.
In tough economic times, it's more important than ever to dress up our physical environments where we will spend more time; besides it will make you feel pretty good!

Twenty Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

      There are hundreds of simple chores—or quick phone calls to qualified contractors—that can make your home safer and healthier for your family. Here are 20 to tend to right away:

1.Change for the better. Just as important as changing your air conditioner’s filter every month is the kind of filter you use. A $1 spun fiberglass filter won’t do much to clean the air that circulates in your home. When it’s time to replace the filter this month, upgrade to a $4 or $5 pleated paper filter.

Keeping Your Home Safe While You're Away

  It’s a given that you’ll lock the doors and arrange to forward your mail before you head for cooler climes and leave your Arizona home empty for the summer. Here are 11 precautions you might not have thought of for keeping your empty house safe while you’re away.

1. Leave the air conditioner on—but crank the thermostat up to around 88 degrees. Place five-gallon buckets of water around the inside of the house. The water will slowly evaporate and add moisture to the indoor air.

2. Weatherstrip around windows and doors before you leave.

Cooling Off your Backyard Room

Would you like to get more use out of your backyard this summer? You can do way more than you think to turn your great outdoors into an inviting oasis when Arizona heats up. It can start with a swimming pool, which you probably have already, but that's just part of the formula.
Consider misters 
Misting systems have come a long way lately. Some models used to produce water droplets of 100 microns in diameter that might have been refreshing, but made you feel as if you were taking a shower.

Rural and Urban Homes need Safeguards for External Fires

    Whether you have a cabin near a national forest or a ranch-style home in the suburbs, our dry, hot weather puts it at risk for catching on fire.

     That risk is heightened when the house next door is vacant, if your home sits close to another one or if you live next to an alley.
  It’s not just wildfires that threaten homes from the outside.The hot exhaust from a car driving through an alley ignited the dry grass on the ground and sent that flame onto a wood fence and into a home.

Inspecting Your Home for Potential Saftey Problems

If you want your house to be a safe place for everyone from your kids to your aging parents, look hard for hidden hazards in every room.
Scout out problems that could cause:
1.Falls.Remove anything that anyone could trip over, slip on, topple off of or tumble out of. It could be spilled food on the kitchen floor, a slippery shower, an area rug that’s missing its non-slip mat or an exposed extension cord. People sometimes fall because they can’t see the steps, so think about adding bright lights—and a light switch at the top and bottom of the staircase.

Early Arizonans knew how to stay Cool Naturally

     If you had to live a week without air conditioning this summer, do you think you would survive?            

     If you’ve set up your home to take advantage of natural breezes and to block the hot sun, you’d have a pretty good chance. After all, generations of Arizonians managed to get through summer after sweltering Arizona summer without mechanical intervention before air conditioning as we know it hit the market in the early 1900s and came into common use in the ’50s.

A Thorough Spring Cleaning will help you sail throug Summer

The freshness of springtime isn’t just for the outdoors. Make it a season to refresh your home’s interior, too.

     Start with spring cleaning. This year, do more than knock the dust around. Really look for areas that need cleaning. Clean areas you might never clean, like the floor under your refrigerator, the inside of your dishwasher and washing machine (use soap, water and white vinegar), the septic tank (treat it with RID-X) and the inside of your toilet tank.

     Change every filter in your home’s equipment.

Dealing with 10 Messes on Your Property

        Here are 10 don’t-miss messes that could be hiding in your home:
  1. Brave the back of the refrigerator.  Ask a friend to help you push your refrigerator away from the wall so you can unplug it. Empty the refrigerator and freezer and give it a good cleaning—inside and out. Use a bottle brush or a long, narrow vacuum hose to clean the coils under the unit. Vacuum and scrub the floor and the wall that it hides before carefully moving it back into place.

Shade Structures and Options

If you’ve spent even one summer in Arizona, you know that you need to find a way to shade your back yard or you won’t be able to use it for three months.
          Like the roof on your home, awnings, ramadas, canopies and other patio toppers can shelter your family from the scorching summer sun.
          Don’t let the sun and heat keep you indoors all summer. Here are seven ways to beat the heat by adding shade to your space: