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Plan Now to Save Water this Summer

The cool winter months in our great state -- when we typically get our highest amount of rainfall -- are a good time to consider how we're going to conserve water in the coming months.It's also a good time to think about the planning and investment Arizona has done to ensure residents have enough supply to meet their needs.The state Department of Economic Security projects that Arizona -- already home to more than 6 million people -- will see its population increase to 10 million by 2028, and 13 million by 2055.

Irrigation Maintenance

 While water is a staff of  life it can also give you a big shaft in life!  Like drought, floods and erosion.
Your property’s use of water while you are away should be monitored. If a pipe breaks or toilet valve leaks , thousands of dollars will be required to repair your interior finishes and furniture, not to mention the inconvenience.
In a lot of ways, water use outside your home is like inside use. It is delivered in a pipe, under pressure and controlled by a switch (valve) and a timer (controller).