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Outdoor Lighting

Decorating Your Home or Property for the Holidays (Or anytime of the Year).


I grew up in Wisconsin; my family owns a 5th generation landscape contracting business and nursery operation.
Part of our business during the "off season" was to decorate estates, homes, banks, churches, synagogues and public buildings for the holidays, and sell Christmas trees and flock them.
From the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve all we did was work, eat and sleep!
A lot of work at the time, but a great feeling when people get theWOWfactor of the whole design and are put in the mood of the Season.

Outdoor Lighting

Some people say that “night is the opposite of day”, well to some extent it’s true until you have to do something at night: like drive, work or protect property—then you have to change the opposite to see and to do this you need  light.Without getting into a lot of physics, light at night usually involves a function like seeing to drive, preventing theft or illumination for walking or esthetics. It also comes from a source like a lamp or fixture and has a certain wattage or intensity. It has a specific color: yellow/pink from an incandescent bulb, bluish/white from a metal halide or LED bulb and orange/red from a mercury vapor bulb.