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Pool Maintenance

What are you going to do with that pool?

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Fall is often when you look more closely at your swimming pool and realize you need to make some changes. Perhaps the decking is cracking and peeling or the interior of the pool needs resurfacing. Maybe you want to redo the deck or add a waterfall or fireplace.
But some of you aren’t even using your pool anymore very often. The kids have moved out of the house, and you now own one of the thousands of home pools in Arizona where no one even dips a toe in the water anymore.

Trusty Old "Kool Deck " is Still Cool

  It used to be that every backyard swimming pool looked just about the same—because everybody relied on the same product, Keystone Kool Deck, to keep the concrete deck around the pool comfortable under bare feet.
        In fact, if your concrete pool deck was built before the mid-1990s, it’s probably topped with that familiar, mottled beige concrete. Today, though, Kool Deck installers skilled in what one of my friends in the swimming pool business calls “artistic professionalism” have become few and far between.

More on Pool Maintainence

      You may not know that your pool pump uses more electricity than any other appliance in your house except your air conditioner. You also may not know that most pools are equipped with pumps that are too big and use way more energy than you need to keep the water sparkling clean.

     The culprit: the single-speed pump. A small one is probably fine if all you want to do is circulate the water in the pool. But it might not have enough speed to run your pool cleaner, waterfall or other electrical extras that need an occasional, bigger blast of energy.

Pool Maintenance

If you have a pool at your home I’m sure you know what a pleasure it can be on a hot day—but as they say “there is no free lunch”. A pool is fun to be in and look at but if you don’t stay on top of maintaining it, it can be a chore and cost a lot of money to repair. Basically it comes down to some simple factors:
  •  Maintaining water quality. Have your pool water tested every week at a pool supply dealer and follow the recommendations. Keep the water Ph neutral between 7.2-7.6. If you need acid, add muriatic acid.